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Jinhua WeihaiMuslim food newspaper announced the establishment of long-term partnership

In August 2016, Jinhua Wei Hai Qingzhen Food Co., Ltd. announced a long-term partnership with Qingzhen food newspaper and Qingzhen China network of official network in Shanghai. This cooperation will take the Qingzhen food newspaper and Qingzhen China network as a platform for the construction of the culture, brand reputation, enterprise product promotion and marketing planning. The Internet and other aspects of the comprehensive and in-depth cooperation.
Wei Hai company is a famous Muslim food enterprise in China. It has a good reputation in the industry. It has passed the Halal certification of the Chinese Islamic Association, the MUI certification of Indonesia, and the certification of the ISO22000 food safety management system. Specializing in the development and production of bulk, powdery, granular compound seasoning and salty flavor and other high and new technology condiments. The company has two major independent brands, LANXIN and WEHI, with more than 10 thousand tons of annual production capacity. The product sales network is all over China, and exports of Malaysia, Indonesia, Japan, South Korea and Africa, the Middle East and other places.
From August 21st to 25, the chief editor of the Muslim food newspaper went to Jinhua, Zhejiang to inspect the taste sea Muslim food company, visited the production line, the raw material warehouse, and had a deep conversation with the Muslim marketing director Huang Bin and the full-time raw material inspector, Ding Shengde, and confirmed Lan Xinqing The real food is safe and reliable.
Chen Wenzhu, chairman of Jinhua taste Sea Food Co., Ltd., said that professional things should be done by professional people. The Qingzhen food newspaper is the most influential and authoritative media in our country. It is widely welcomed by the national Muslim food and food industry. The chief editor of Bai Jian Bo is a senior Muslim food culture expert. I believe our cooperation It will be of great significance to Lanxin brand building and enterprise development.
At present, Bai Jianbo has served as a consultant for a number of Muslim food and food enterprises in the country. It provides more than 1 thousand cases for enterprises to diagnose and develop plans and suggestions for development, so that these enterprises are running on the fast lane of healthy development. (Muslim journalist)


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