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Jinhua Weihai food company chairman Chen Wenzhu line"The BeltRoad International Halal Food Development Summit


The "Golden Palm" International Halal Food Expo "The Belt and Road International Halal Food Development Summit held in Chengdu in March 20th. Chen Wenzhu, chairman of Jinhua Weihai food company, went to attend the theme summit and delivered a brilliant speech.
The international halal food development summit is the first professional field of global halal food, focus on appearance, invited more than 10 countries embassy diplomats, "The Belt and Road mainly along the country's business elite, experts and scholars of domestic and international halal food industry well-known entrepreneurs and authoritative interpretation of national strategy, purpose In the strategic direction and development of the international halal food industry and "The Belt and Road the national strategy of" global outlook, path. Through the way of the exhibition, we gather from 15 countries and regions, and nearly 500 top Muslim food producers and channels from home and abroad to show the best quality products in the field of global Muslim food and the national products with our own characteristics. During the dinner, the food supervision departments responsible person, the entrepreneur "The Belt and Road under the background of" halal food science and technology innovation, market trends, public opinion supervision, enterprise management, social responsibility and other topics for the exchange and dialogue.


Jinhua Wei Hai is an independent modern production of Muslim flavoring company, for the global customers to provide reassuring Muslim food and professional Muslim food solutions. The company has passed the Halal certification of China Islamic Association, Indonesia MUI certification, and ISO22000 food safety management system certification. Specializing in the development and production of bulk, powdery, granular compound seasoning, salty flavor and other high and new technology condiments. The company has two major independent brands, LANXIN and WEHI, with more than 10 thousand tons of annual production capacity. The product sales network is all over China, and exports to Japan, South Korea, Indonesia, Malaysia, Africa, the Middle East and other places.


Chen Wenzhu, chairman of Jinhua taste sea food company, visited more than 100 exhibitors in the Qingzhen exhibition area to further understand the Chinese Muslim food market, and talked with some of the business enterprises, business super and food and food enterprises, and introduced the advantages and qualities of Lanxin and flavour flavors to them. Through negotiation, it is found that the biggest bottleneck in food industry is the traceability of the degree of truth and food safety, which is precisely the strength of flavour sea food and the core content of the culture of Muslim food and drink, and proves the correctness of this policy. Jinhua Weihai food company will gradually contact the exhibitors, collect the halal food food enterprises demand, and constantly improve the service platform construction, as a force for the development of China halal food food enterprises, also hope to "The Belt and Road" food prosperity suggestions!


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