Prepared food with rice
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Stew chickenmushroom with rice

 Stew chickenmushroom with rice




Stew chicken and mushroom with rice


It is a dish made from chicken legs, mushroom and other main ingredients, belonging to home cooking dishes.
Mushroom can improve the body's immune function, polysaccharides can increase the phagocytic function of mouse peritoneal macrophages, but also promote the production of T lymphocytes, and increase the killing activity of T lymphocytes, can also delay aging, water extracts of mushrooms over Hydrogen peroxide has a scavenging effect and has a certain elimination effect on hydrogen peroxide in the body

Eating tips

Recommend Method:

Boil and heat, place the entire package into boiling water and heat for 2-3 minutes. When the ambient temperature is lower than 10°C, heating time should be extended as appropriate.

Other Method

Microwave heating, open the bag (should avoid heating the bag into the microwave oven), heat the dishes into a container suitable for microwave heating, high fire 2-3 minutes.

Put a small bowl of rice in the dish and cover the rice with the heated dish. Add the appropriate amount of cooked greens to eat.

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