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Chen Wenzhu to the world Chinese Food Association Muslim Restaurant (food) industry committee.


World dinner Association and willow President:
On behalf of Jin Huawei Hai limited and myself, I wish to congratulate on the success of the establishment of the conference on behalf of Jin Huawei sea.
In recent years, China's catering industry has developed rapidly, especially the development of the Muslim food and beverage industry, which has made a positive contribution to promote the national economy of China and enhance the reputation of the national food and beverage food. The establishment of the Chinese food and food industry committee is of great importance and positive significance for further promoting the prosperity and development of the Chinese Muslim food and food market, carrying forward the Chinese Muslim food culture, expanding the influence of Chinese food and promoting the healthy and orderly healthy development of the Chinese Muslim food and food industry.
Jinhua Wei Hai is an independent modern production of Muslim flavoring company, for the global customers to provide reassuring Muslim food and professional Muslim food solutions. The company has passed the Halal certification of China Islamic Association, Indonesia MUI certification, and ISO22000 food safety management system certification. Specializing in the development and production of bulk, powdery, granular compound seasoning, salty flavor and other high and new technology condiments. The company has two major independent brands, LANXIN and WEHI, with more than 10 thousand tons of annual production capacity. The product sales network is all over China, and exports to Japan, South Korea, Indonesia, Malaysia, Africa, the Middle East and other places.
In the future, our company hopes to further strengthen the contact with the world food and beverage industry committee of the Chinese food Union, cooperate closely, develop together, carry out the party's spirit of "stimulating social organization activities" in the third Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee, and follow the policy of "providing service, reflecting the demands and standardizing behavior" and integrating the one along the road. In order to promote the innovation and development of the Muslim food and beverage industry, we will make a greater contribution to the promotion of our Muslim food and beverage to the world.
Let's bless the Chinese halal food and beverage industry.
Chen Wenzhu, chairman of Jinhua Wei Hai Food Co., Ltd.
June 23, 2017



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