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Eating wild vegetablesSpring|Different dandelion,comeand taste

Said ‘a full table of delicacy is not as good as wild vegetable’. In spring, between the mountains and fields, you can always find wild vegetables that are sold or naturally grown.
Wild vegetables are seasoned, fresh and delicious, and more nutritious, which will make our table more vivid, and also make us eat the spring of the body.
Bring our common wild vegetables, leeks, bracken, purslane, today we will come to the United States and the United States dandelion it

Dandelion can be eaten raw, fried, souped, mixed, and has a unique flavor. The main function of dandelion is detoxification, swelling and diuretic. It has a broad spectrum of antibacterial effects, but also stimulate the body's immune function, to achieve the role of gallbladder and liver protection.

Food Prepared:

Dandelion 100g, 3 pieces bean skins, 2 eggs, proper amount of green onions, amount of soybean paste, amount of vegetable oil


◇1. After the dandelion is washed clean, soak it in light salt water
◇2. Dump the eggs into a bowl, spread and mix well, prepare the soybean paste
◇3.  Add boiling water to the pot, cut the skin of the bean curd in half, remove the water for 2-3 minutes, and let it cool off.
◇4. Take a bean curd flat and roll the dandelion in it.
◇5.  Roll the dish and cut it into 3 parts.
◇6. Heat frying pan a little oil, drenched egg, stir fry into small pieces
◇7.Add mayonnaise, stir well, add appropriate amount of water, boil and cook for 1-2 minutes.
◇8. Use dandelion rolls with egg sauce


1.You can also brush the egg sauce on the bean skin, and then roll it into the dandelion. The two ways of eating are very delicious.
2.The purpose of dipping dandelion with light salt water is to remove impurities, do not forget this step.



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