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Fasting, not simply starvingstarving

"In the month of Ramadan, many non Muslim friends found that Muslim friends seemed to be completely free from eating and drinking. Is this true, is it not harmful to the body?"
In fact, there are three levels of religious discipline from the perspective of religion.
The first level is from dawn to sunset, fasting and sex, which is a basic requirement.
The second level is the body Ramadan, such as "hand fasting" not to hurt, not steal; "foot Zhai" does not run for bad things, do not take the evil way; "mouth fasting" does not say dirty words, do not lie, do not cheat, defamation, not to talk; "seal eye" does not look evil, do not look for heresy.
The third level is the spirit house, to abstain from all evil thoughts (not in accordance with Islamic law and morality) and to pure mind. Only to the Lord, only the fasting of the whole body is the real fasting.
Fasting provides an opportunity for people to change their daily lifestyles and habits, to calm down people from their daily busyness, to ponder some questions, to read the Koran and to learn the Koran.
Fasting has become an important way to maintain and strengthen Muslim faith.
The month of Ramadan is time for reflection and spiritual practice, the time to express gratitude for the guidance of God and to redeem the past, when it is clear to know the weakness of the man and the time to rely on the God.
Even if we remove religious factors, it is of great significance to look at it from a scientific perspective.
First, the time of Islamic worship is very strict. In the past, many scientists did not understand this, especially to the Holy Spirit: "you have to eat before breakfast, and there is a special favor before the Lord." A few people think it is unscientific, nutrients are important to the human body, and time is not related.
Since 1975, time biology has confirmed the existence of biological clock in organisms, especially in the human body. There are 24 hours cycle rhythm, one month rhythm and one year rhythm. In different times of the day, people have different effects on nutrition absorption, digestion and medication. If the time of treating leukemia is different, the mortality rate can reach 80%; the time of insulin treatment for diabetes is different, and the need is different; the death of heart disease, depression, and wheezing attack are also reported at the meeting, which is the biological rhythm.
The time of Islamic seal off is the best time of nutrient absorption, the strongest digestion ability and the maximum utility of drugs. So in the 79 months since the instructions of the Islamic Quran, scientists have realized the importance of time. It is proposed that doctors should collaborate with time biologists and establish two new sciences, namely time biology and time therapeutics. See the 7376 page of the 124 phase of the Bed J1 volume in 1978.
In a number of studies, the following
1, fasting protects brain disorders and a variety of diseases: National Institute onAging researchers in the United States affirm that fasting, cell degradation, and Alzheimer's disease, and Alzheimer's disease, two days a week, can obviously protect the brain.
2, fasting can protect against heart disease and thrombosis, and prevent diabetes.
3, when the cells are very active during the starvation, they begin to discharge toxins and the immune system is very active. The brain begins to give instructions to the organs of the body, such as the liver, pancreas, kidney, etc., even if they are excited, prepared, vigilant, and consume unnecessary energy and accumulated fat instructions. The result is the self operation and self healing of the body.


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