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Invitation letter Jinhua Hai Hai invites you to join the Chengdu rum food fair.

Jinhua Wei Hai Food Co., Ltd., founded in 2007 in Lanxi, Jinhua, is an independent modern Muslim seasoning production enterprise, and is committed to providing a reassuring Muslim food solution for the global customers. 30 thousand square meters of production base, equipped with European and American, Japanese food production standards of factory facilities, and the introduction of international first-class production equipment for the quality of the products to escort.

The company has passed the Halal certification of China Islamic Association, Indonesia MUI certification, and ISO22000 food safety management system certification. Specializing in the development and production of bulk, powdery, granular compound seasoning, salty flavor and other high and new technology condiments. Wei Hai Food Co., Ltd. has always held the essence of Islamic culture as an important part of the enterprise culture. It holds the Muslim Management Conference on a regular basis and specially establishes the Muslim staff room.

In the past 9 years, with the spirit of "innovation, rigorous, honesty and development", according to the scientific and modern management concept and production mode, the unique Qingzhen production process, the company has made the company's two major independent brands: "Lan Xin" and "WEHI". At present, the company has more than 10 thousand tons of annual production capacity. The sales network of seafood is all over China, and it is exported to Japan, South Korea, Indonesia, Malaysia, Africa, Middle East and other places.

Since the founding of Lanxin brand, the company is determined to turn it into the leading brand of Chinese high-end halal condiment. "Lan Xin chicken essence, Lan Xin chicken juice, blue letter chicken powder" as the three treasures, after years of exploration, gradually entered the Baihua home, Jinxiang garden, Yide, East yhun, northwest family, the western region flavor, wheat, Qinghai family, white camel Muslim yak meat hot pot and so on, and deeply local moose. The love of his friends.

Now, "Lan Xin" again through a series of new products (blue letter spicy fresh dew, blue letter steamed fish sauce, Lanxin fresh taste treasure, Lanxin beef noodle seasoning, etc.), into the life of the northwest consumer. Not only to escort the kitchen of Muslim restaurant, but also to the general consumers, especially Muslim friends, to enjoy more delicious food.


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